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We have adopted our quality assurance system at-par with the international standards.

We have in house Q.A. Facilities :

Spectro Meter

Physical Lab.

Universal Testing

M.P. T.

Ultra Sonic Testing

VMC Machine

D.P. T.

Heat Treatment Shop

Short Blasting Shop


It's like our baby care unit to ensure perfect handling of consignment, maintaining precise delivery schedule, adding value to our products, customers delight in real sense.

About Striking

AN ACCRETION OF QUALITY & COMPANY HAS ACCREDITED US WITH 'ISO-9001 CERTIFICATION & PED - AD 2000-Merkblatt W0 CERTIFICATION' We believe that customer's expectation is above all.We will achieve complete satisfaction of our customer by providing quality forgings/finished flanges and services, through continuous improvement in our quality management system.

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