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We were incorporated in the year 2012 with focus to manufacturing mass quantity Carbon Steel Forged Flanges, Forged componets and other automotive components . We got our selves equipped with the most modern CNC Machine Shop and full proof infrastructure required for the meticulous machining centre to be supported by quality assurance dept. We had astounding growth focusing its activities for catering the need of international market by 90% of product utilization. We ensure every customer’s complain is heard promptly.

Having installed capacity 25000 TONS per annum. Our stringent quality control measure and full proof system got us accredited with ISO-9001:2008 certification, PED - AD 2000 and CRN (Canadian Registration Number) With Tirupati brand name. Our forged flanges and forged components largely shipped to U.S.A. , European and African Countries.

We are equipped with the most modern forge shop and machining facilities available under one roof adhering to stringent quality control measure. The entire system is backed by proper documentation, traceability until the end product, with full proof checks required as per ISO regulations.

A Strong motivated team of engineers, responsive marketing, solid support from our manufacturing shop resulting CUSTOMER-DELIGHT catapulting TIRUPATI to a position of LEADERSHIP TODAY. Our installation stand testimony of our standing industry.

We will achieve complete satisfaction of our customer by providing quality forgings/finished flanges and services, through continuous improvement in our quality management system.

TIRUPATI believes QUALITY is not just about a good product its about good attitude which encompasses all spheres of corporate.

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